Concrete Walls Coatings Systems


Cementitious substrates are porous in nature. They absorb water, oil, and dirt. They exhibit poor resistance to wearing and abrasion. Therefore, they require finishes based on materials selected to withstand the conditions likely to be experienced in the proposed service environment.

Surface Preparation :

Well-prepared-surfaces is an essential condition of coating successfulness. Concrete surfaces should be clean and free from oil, grease, and dust. New concrete should be fully cured.


WT01: water base acrylic primer / sealer used directly on exterior and interior concrete surfaces. WT01 penetrates and seals surface porosity and provides a highly adhesive coat suitable to be topcoated by almost all kinds of coatings.
STOP200 : Fast setting and highly adherent damp-proof putty, suitable to be applied in thicknesses up to 4 cm directly on cement or over WT01 primer.
WT03: Easy to use and fast drying water base putty suitable to be applied over WT01 and / or STOP200, and also over WT05 to provide a high quality even surface.  WT03 is suitable to be topcoated by WT05 or SYN210.
WT05: Water emulsion acrylic  intermediate or finishing coat suitable to be applied directly on cement surfaces or over WT03 or STOP200. They provide coatings that are highly adherent and featuring excellent hiding power and having acceptable smoothness. They are suitable to be used as undercoat and therefore to be topcoated by all kinds of water base and solvent base coatings.
Water reducible Alkyd Primer Undercoat :

recommended to be applied over WT03 putty to provide a smooth coat suitable to be topcoated by all kinds of water base coatings.

SYN210: oil based primer used directly on wood, concrete and metal surfaces or over WT03. It provides a highly adherent and smooth coat suitable to be topcoated by all oil based coatings (SYN TOPCOAT, Original Z117, Z127, Z137).




WT07 : High quality acrylic emulsion  gloss finishing coat.

WT08 : High quality acrylic emulsion  flat  finishing coat.

Water Reducible Alkyd Coat: High quality water reducible alkyd gloss coat.

SYN TOPCOAT : synthetic coat available in gloss or eggshell finishes.

Original : gloss (Z117), semi-gloss (Z127) and matt (Z137) finishes.

AB Latex : Antibacterial finishing coat recommended for hospitals and laboratories.

Table 1 shows some of the recommended coating systems for concrete  walls and ceilings.


End Use Primer/Filler + Undercoaters Coat
  1. Interior and exterior wall and ceiling for home and office decoration.
  1. Water base system

WT01 + WT03 filler + WT05


Water reducible Alkyd Primer Undercoat

Semi-Gloss: WT07 Or

  Water Reducible Alkyd Coat

Flat: WT08 Or  FRANJI Coat

Or  Texture coatings:


  1. Oil base finishing coat
(WT01 or SYN210 Primer) + WT03 filler + WT05 SYN TOPCOAT or ORIGINAL Z117-Z127-Z137
  1. Wall and ceiling protection in laboratories and hospitals from the growth of bacteria, fungi, and algae.


+ WT03filler

+ WT05

AB Latex
  1. Wall and ceiling protection in kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, laboratories, hospitals, chemical plants, oil refineries, food & beverage factories, breweries and pharmaceutical industries.

WT01  + WT03 filler

+ WT05

  1. Protection of concrete surfaces from fire in addition to its excellent weather resistance.
STOP200 FireProtect

or Fire Protect Ultra (Intumescent Paint)

  1. Protection of interior and exterior   concrete floors from water ingress, dirt, and wear.
ACR Concrete Sealer