Ceramic tile grout in powder form based on non sanded Portland cement modified with a special polymer.
Recommended Uses
Used for interior and exterior joints up to 3 mm wide. Excellent for highly glazed ceramic tile or highly polished marble or natural stone. Suitable for use on floors, walls, ceilings in showers, fountains and pools…etc.
• Resistant to water absorption.
• Suitable for interior or exterior installations.
• Recommended for grout joints up to 3 mm wide.
• Suitable for any tile or stone installation.
• Ideal for highly glazed tile or highly polished stone as it does not contain sand that may scratch these materials.
• Resistant to shrinking, cracking, powdering and wear.
• Excellent resistance to dust and dirt pick-up.
• Mildew resistant.
• Provides durable joints.
• Easy to mix with water.
• Good adhesive and cohesive bond strength.
• Suitable to be tinted by mineral pigments.
Application Instruction
• Mixing Ratio : (by weight): Powder:5/Water: 1.5 to 2
• Mixing : Add water (1.5 to 2 L) to Tile Grout powder (5 kg) and mix to achieve a thick and creamy consistency. Let the mixture to stand for 10 minutes, re-mix before use. Periodic mixing during application keep the grout workable but do not add additional water once mixed as this weakens the material.
• Pot life : (20?C) 90 minutes (higher temperatures will shorten the potlife sharply)
• Cleaner : Clean applying tools immediately after application is completed by water.
• Application Temperature : 10-40?C. Do not apply Tile Grout in exterior applications where rain is expected within 24 hours.
Technical Information
• Color : Basic colors that can be mixed to achieve the required color
• Flexibility : Good.
• Adhesion : Good.
• Temperature Resistance : -30 to 90 ?C
• Water resistance : Excellent.
• Solvent Resistance : Good
• Packaging : 5 Kg of powder in sack.
• Material consumption : Depends on tile size and joint width.
• Note : Tile Size (mm) joint Coverage Length width Thickness joint width (mm) Coverage per pack (m²) Coverage (kg/ m²) 100 100 6 2 28 0.36 100 200 6 2 37 0.27 200 200 6 2 56 0.18 250 200 6 2 62 0.16 300 200 8 2 50 0.20 300 300 8 3 42 0.24
Surface Preparation
Surface must be clean, damp and free of oil, grease, and other contaminants. Remove fins, protrusions, excess mortar, and other loose material to obtain good adhesion.
Tile must be firmly attached to a sound substrate and setting material must be cured a minimum of 5 hours (walls) and 24 hours (floors) before grouting. Remove all spacers. Grout joints should be uniform in depth and width.
Porous and absorbent surfaces should be damp but not wet prior to applying Tile Grout. Do not leave standing water in the joints.
Drying Time
• Initial Setting : 5 hours.
• Note : Drying time can be affected by many factors such as temperature, ventilation and coat thickness. Higher temperatures will shorten the drying times.
Storing Conditions
• Store in dry conditions in the original and unopened sacks. Avoid powder to be exposed to high temperatures and high humidity conditions.
• Shelf life is one year from packing date in unopened original paper bags at 10 to 40°C.
• Safety: Avoid skin or eye contact. Prolonged contact may cause irritation of the skin and mucous membranes.

information in this data sheet and in all our data sheets are given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory testing and practical experience. Final results depend on following instructions and on consumer skill. Our responsibility is limited to providing products that Conform to samples and specimens provided by us. Due to technical needs, we reserve the right to change any given specification without notice.

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