• Values

    We believe: 

    • That national product can compete with international one and meet customer confidence and expectations.

    • That making a profit is not our top priority rather we preserve social values among our team, share with our customers, suppliers and even competitors together for upgrading national products.

    • That we offer to our customers through the great diversity of our products practical environmentally-friend “Green” solutions.

    • That individual comes first; he makes nation. Improving him is an added value in general and to company in particular.

    • That social responsibility, which is our utmost priority, is not only an optional initiative decision rather it is a national social commitment.


  • Objectives

    • Carrying on together with the leader national companies for paint industry and its supplements.

    • Developing products by keeping up-to-date to latest researches and technologies in the field. 

    • Meeting customers’ requirements, getting solutions to their problems, considering all their remarks and improving their satisfaction in terms of quality, pricing, delivery, and other services.

    • Building professional team by improving the experiences and knowledge they acquired, and by means of advanced training so that they could work in harmony completing each other.

    • The efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system to meet customers’, management’s, and employees’ requirements.

    • Developing work mechanism in group, improving operations and general performance.

    • Improving work environment as vocational safety and health requirements intended for secure work.