Born and educated in Damascus, Syria, Ihsan Azmeh got his start in business in 1938, serving as an assistant in his father's trading company.  An ambitious apprentice, Ihsan soon struck out on his own, and by the mid-1940's had established a thriving import-export business.  Decorative paints proved an extremely popular import product and helped direct the course of Ihsan's burgeoning business.

Throughout the 1950's, he enjoyed success as a managing partner with Kassioun Trading and Mechanical Works Co., the Syrian division of Magiruz-Deutz.  The well-known German parent company specialized in heavy equipment, including trucks, buses, and a variety of diesel-fuel operated engines.  Despite his achievements with Kassioun, restrictive government policies of the early 1960's encouraged Ihsan to redirect his business talents, specializing in the decorative paint division of his own company. 

He subsequently purchased a factory facility and began the domestic production of his own brand of paints in 1963.  From its inception, Ihsan pursued technical excellence in the manufacture of his signature line and was devoted to mastering both the art and science of the industry.  As he developed greater expertise in the field, demand for his fine products grew.  Ihsan invested in more modern equipment, adding additional facilities and expanding his product line to include nitrocellulose-based, industrial, automotive, and acrylic products.

An enormously successful entrepreneur and businessman, Ihsan passed away in July 1998.  He is remembered as a self-made man, ambitious, dedicated, and honest.  Upon his death, his sons Maher Azmeh, a mechanical engineer, and Samer Azmeh, a chemist, assumed management of his state-of-the-art facility.  In commemoration of his life and work, we pay him tribute, asking almighty God     to rest his soul in peace. 


Company Profile :

Azmeh Paints was established 1955 as one of the very few factories of paint industry at that time in Syria. 

Though volume was not so big, Azmeh set the standards of high quality for commercial paint products that was locally produced at that time. The factory started to produce items that were not produced by other local factories in challenge of imported international products.

Due to market increasing demands, Azmeh continued to expand to be one of the leading paint manufacturers in Syria.

Our scope of supply covers wide range of applications like :

Interior and exterior decorative, Furniture, Automotive, Industrial, Protective and many other paints that was based on various systems such as: Alkyd, nitrocellulose, polyester, acrylic (1K or 2K) Polyurethane (1K or 2K), water-based epoxy, self leveling epoxy, chlorinated rubber, zinc silicate, silicone,siloxane, acrylic and alkyd emulsion and many others. All under one Slogan  Quality second to none “ .

Accordingly, Azmeh obtained ( ISO 9001 quality certificate ) assuring its role in promoting national industry with high international standardizations.