Heat resistant silicone coating.
Recommended Uses
Used mainly for exterior applications on steel structures where thermal resistance is required such as furnace and hot pipe exteriors, heat exchangers, incinerators, mufflers, exhausts (especially ship exhausts) and other exterior elevated steel surface temperature. Typical uses are in marine structures, chemical process, industrial plants, power plants, oil production and refining plants.

Note: THR is not recommended as a lining coat for immersion service.
• Continuos temperature resistance up to 500°C.
• Temporary temperature resistance up to 600°C.
• Good resistance to thermal shock from 500°C to ambient temperature.
• Excellent weather resistance.
• Suitable to be applied directly over abrasive blast and clean steel.
Application Instruction
• Method of Application : Conventional spray, or by brush for small area.
• Mixing : Stir well before application in order to ensure that a uniform consistency is achieved.
• Thinner / Cleaner : Do not thin, but if required S101 can be used for thinning. Clean applying tools by S101 thinner.
• Application Temperature : 10-40?C.
• Note : When recoating, a special attention should be taken toward drying times.
Technical Information
• Color : Aluminum
• Volume Solids : 49 % (ASTM-D2697)
• Flexibility : Very good
• Recommended film thickness : 20-30 microns “dry”
• Theoretical spreading rate : 19.6 m²/L at 25 microns “dry”
• Specific gravity : 1.1 kg/L (ASTM-D1475).
• Number of Coats : 1-2
• Packaging : 3.6 L in US Gallon
• Weather Resistance : Excellent
Surface Preparation
Well-prepared-surfaces is an essential condition of coating successfulness. In general, surface must be clean, dry, undamaged and free of all contaminants prior to coating.
Remove all oil, grease, wax, …etc., from the surface to be coated by thinner (S100 or S101).
Abrasive blast to Sa2½ in accordance with ISO8501-1 and achieve a 25 to 40 ?m profile. Remove all abrasive residues and dust from surface.
Apply THR immediately after surface preparation to prevent any contamination. Do not leave blasted steel uncoated overnight.
Note: THR must never be applied over an old paint or surfaces soiled by grease, oil, or other contaminants.
Drying Time
• Dry to Touch : 15 minutes (ASTM-D1640).
• Dry to Handle : 8 hours (ASTM-D1640). The minimum recoat time is 2 hours.
• Note : • To obtain optimum performance, THR must be cured at 200°C minimum for at least 2 hours. This can be obtained after the coated surfaces are put into service. Drying times can be affected by many factors such as temperature, ventilation and coat thickness. Higher temperatures will shorten the drying times.
Storing Conditions
• THR has to be kept in a cool and well-ventilated place, protected from heat and direct sunlight. THR is classified under highly flammable materials.
• Shelf life is three years from packing date in unopened original containers at 5 to 30°C. Containers should be kept tightly closed.
• Well-ventilated conditions should be provided during application.
• Do not breathe or inhale mist.
• Wear air mask and avoid skin or eye contact.

information in this data sheet and in all our data sheets are given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory testing and practical experience. Final results depend on following instructions and on consumer skill. Our responsibility is limited to providing products that Conform to samples and specimens provided by us. Due to technical needs, we reserve the right to change any given specification without notice.

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