WT14 is a water emulsion acrylic floorscreed designed mainly for tennis and similar courts.
Recommended Uses
Used for covering interior and exterior concrete or asphaltic floors, mainly tennis sports courts.
• Excellent abrasion resistance.
• Excellent flexibility and resistance to substrate cracking.
• Economical and easy to apply. Fast hardening, resulting in faster application.
• Provides an aesthetic appearance of playing areas and gives long lasting color even when exposed to sunlight or to weathering effects.
• Highly resistant to water penetration and freeze thaw damage.
• Provides non-skid characteristics.
• Good adhesion to asphalt and to concrete substrates primed by a suitable primer.
Application Instruction
• Method of Application : Airless spray or roller.
• Mixing : Stir well before application in order to ensure that a uniform consistency is achieved.
• Thinner / Cleaner : Water is used for thinning or cleaning. Mixing ratio with water depends on method of application. For example: At 20°C airless spray application will need no dilution. Roller application will need approx 15% by volume water. Clean applying tools by water immediately after application is completed.
• Application Temperature : 10-30?C.
• Note : • When recoating, a special attention should be given toward drying times.
Technical Information
• Color : Red, green “colors are available against order”.
• Volume Solids : 47 % (ASTM-D2697)
• VOC : 58.5 g/L (ASTM-D3960)
• Flexibility : Excellent
• Recommended film thickness : 500 - 1000 microns “dry”.
• Theoretical spreading rate : 0.94 m²/L at 500 microns “dry”
• Specific gravity : 1.25 kg/L (ASTM-D1475)
• Water resistance : Excellent.
• Abrasian Resistance : Very good
• Number of Coats : 3 - 4
• Packaging : 20 Kg in plastic pail
Surface Preparation
Coating performance is, in general, proportional to the degree of surface preparation. Surface must be clean, undamaged and free of oil, grease, and other contaminants prior to coating.
In order to ensure better results for floor coating WT14, it is recommended to apply WT14 directly on asphaltic floors or on isolated concrete floors.
Concrete isolation can be performed by the application of a flexible isolating coat “WT18” then by the application of a concrete layer on top of it.
Priming: Highly porous substrates could be primed by WT01 or by FlexCoat. While smooth surfaces could be primed by FlexCoat or EPX17 or EPX27.
Prior to applying WT14, be sure to fill small holes and voids by STOP200 putty. And that the primer and filler are dry, clean, and free of oil, grease and other contaminants.
1- Do not apply WT14 in frost conditions.
2- In case of application in extreme hot weather conditions, it is recommended to damp the surface to be coated by water prior to applying WT14 or to add 15% by volume of water to the first coat.
3- Concrete sealer D can be applied over WT14 in order to provide higher protection against abrasion, weathering and ultraviolet light.
Drying Time
• Dry to Touch : 30 minutes (ASTM-D1640).
• Dry to Handle : 1.5 hours “minimum recoat time” (ASTM-D1640).
• Complete Setting : 24 hours “for foot traffic”.
• Note : Drying times can be affected by many factors such as temperature, ventilation and coat thickness. Higher temperature will shorten the drying time.
Storing Conditions
• WT14 must not be allowed to be stored in untreated metals that are likely to corrode. Containers must be kept tightly closed. Exposure to strong heat and frost must be avoided.
• Shelf life is two years from packing date in unopened original containers at 10 to 40°C. Containers should be kept tightly closed.
Avoid skin or eye contact. Prolonged contact may cause irritation of the skin and mucous membranes.

information in this data sheet and in all our data sheets are given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory testing and practical experience. Final results depend on following instructions and on consumer skill. Our responsibility is limited to providing products that Conform to samples and specimens provided by us. Due to technical needs, we reserve the right to change any given specification without notice.

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